Dress To Kill: Methods To Improve Your App's First Time User Experience

Suneeta Munjuluri
Suneeta Munjuluri

In the age of dating apps like Tinder and Badoo, setting up a date with an unknown person is very easy. However, how the person is, in reality, could be much different to what his/her profile says. The person’s appearance, clothing/fashion sense, behaviour, expressions (smile, laugh, frown) all together make the first impression in your mind. In the first meeting itself, you would be able to decide whether you would like to meet that person again or not. Underwhelming first meetings rarely result in a second. That’s exactly how important your app’s First Time User Experience (FTUE) is. It lets your user decide if your app is a keeper or not. You always need to be ‘dressed to kill’ and at your charming best when a first-time user downloads your app and comes onboard as your user.

How Does FTUE Work?

FTUE or First Time User Experience starts way before the users even get to app onboarding. The app’s landing page on the app store/ play store, the screenshots shared, the reviews, the clear CTA, the creatives users have viewed, all collectively form FTUE.

Facebook FTUE

For instance, Dropbox delivers a cute mail to your inbox asking users to download their app. The mail is worded such that users are automatically geared up for a great FTUE in the app.

Dropbox FTUE

Now comes the new user’s experience within the app. It is this FTUE you deliver that leads to activated users staying back and converting. This further translates to retention, engagement and whether the user becomes a champion (referring others to the app).

Ways To Improve Your FTUE

The FTUE quality reduces with every non-user-friendly interaction that occurs. Hence, it is important to find and correct the underlying reasons that create friction in converting a new user to an activated user.

FTUE can be improved by engaging in the following best practices for app onboarding:

1. Have Clear CTAs

First, an app needs to have very clear Calls to Action (CTAs) options such as login, sign up or shop are the calls to activate a user. They should be such that the users know where they are, what they can do, where they can go and what they will get by getting there.

            Have Clear CTAs