Feature Adoption

Make users notice, learn and
use features as intended

Upshift in KPIs

Introducing a feature the right way lets users experience the AHA moment with your key features making sure that they get activated in the app leading to positive impacts on most KPIs.

Seamless customisations

Choose from a range of customisable templates to make the behavioral cues your own. With Apxor, you can pick out the right way to nudge your user among the wide variety of options provided.

Talk about ROI

Features are hard to build and users are fickle. Apxor’s behavioral cues let users discover and learn features in the right context so you never have to worry about wasting product and dev efforts again.

How it works

Guide your users to the features they need, when they need them. Contextual feature discovery gives higher click through and usage rates. Apxor has the tools in place to achieve feature adoption, the way you need.

Contextual discovery

Increase feature adoption by showcasing
a feature to your users right when they
need to elevate their app experience.
In case of discovering features that tend to
be necessary but often hard to find, reach out to your users in the right context and address their concerns in real time.

Passive nudges

Passive nudges subtly showcase a feature to users without disturbing their app experience
and hence aid in feature adoption highly.
You can understand how users gravitate towards
a new feature by experimenting with
passive nudges. They can also be used to nudge users to establish causations for any correlations established using API.


Skip generic hard coded tutorials
and try dynamic and opt for flexible
walk throughs. Incorporate user interaction
patterns, time spent and user behavior into creating a contextual tutorial that is bound to leave an impression.

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