App Engagement

Best ways to Retain and Convert your users - Engage them at the right moment

Drive Higher Retention

When there is a heightened engagement with customers, they are bound to retain for longer in the app.  Announce your promotions which generate user interest and lead to higher retention.

Promote Conversions

Contextualize your in-app communication to engage the right user at the right time, with the right message. Help them make decisions and convert them quickly.

Improve App Ratings

Satisfied users mean better app ratings. Increase customer satisfaction with continuous meaningful engagement to boost your app ratings.

How It Works

Show the right in-app messages to engage your users better. In-app messages are the most salient way of communication with your users. They are the best way to grab your users’ attention when required. See how in-app messages work for you.

You have done amazing marketing automation efforts and have made your users open your app. But what if the user is not finding anything exciting in  your app, and doesn’t engage well? Rightly personalized in-app messages for the users returning to the app, announcing a promotion or sale, boost the user retention phenomenally.
Help your users make a decision by recommending products or services based on their real-time, in-app behavior. You can also cross-sell new releases and offer your users a customised purchase option.
Whenever you have an update or you add a new feature to your app, you can use in-app messaging to let the user know that you are improving and encourage them to try the amazing new features.

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For us, Apxor has become synonymous with discovering actionable insights quicker than ever. The ability to contextually nudge users on the fly gives us the flexibility to launch surveys, get answers from users and act on them, all in a day's work! That would not have been possible without Apxor, it truly is indispensable for data-driven companies

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