How Doubtnut Improved Feature Adoption by 18.6%

Creating a Tooltip with Image is easier than ever with Apxor


Doubtnut is India’s fastest growing doubt solving app. With millions of downloads in its kitty, Doubtnut has climbed up the ladder of success with its ability to understand user sentiment appropriately and run experiments quickly.

The Experiment

To improve the adoption of their Library feature, Doubtnut used Apxor Behavioral Cues to launch a cool tooltip. The cool thing about the tooltip is that Doubtnut placed the image of a sought out teacher in the tooltip. This grabbed more attention of the students of 10th and 11th classes who were shown this tooltip contextually.

This contextual nudge had a cascading effect on improving feature adoption and increasing conversions too, and proved to be a highly successful product experiment.


By launching a contextual tooltip with image, Doubtnut improved the feature adoption of its Library feature by 18.6% and also cascaded to increase conversions by 7.14%.

“Launching several product experiments has
become effortless with Apxor.

Apxor complete product intelligence platform is one of the very few tools out there which provide real in-depth actionable insights. It also provides the ability to nudge users contextually. Using Apxor Behavioral Cues we improved feature adoption by 18.6% and increased conversions by 7.14%. Launching several product experiments has become effortless with Apxor.

Vamshi Velagapuri, Product Manager - Doubtnut
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