The discovery and adoption of “Create a dub” feature were key to increasing Samosa’s User Generated Content (UGC), but prompting all of their users to start using it was not ideal.


Contextually, nudge users to the feature with a walkthrough. If a user showed an interest in a movie promotion campaign by searching and watching a related video but did not discover the dub feature yet, guide him with a walkthrough.


Apxor’s Contextual Walkthrough bumped up Samosa app’s User Generated Content by 100%


Abhilash Inumella

CEO, Samosa

Apxor team works as if they own the product; they respond to all of our support requests within minutes. Their products give holistic insights on full user experience life cycle starting from D0 to app uninstall across various dimensions. The people behind Apxor engine are at the top of their gears; no hype; no bullshit, just pure tech.

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