User Feedback

Insitu user inputs that you can actually put to use

Collect feedback at the right time

Right when the users are ready to share helpful feedback, showcase contextual in app surveys to make sure they never feel unheard. You can take user interactions, time spent and minute behaviour into consideration while getting user inputs.

Aid in Qualitative analysis

Quickly view a real time dashboard of the survey results to understand user input across multiple dimensions. You can simply download any data collected and use that right away. You can also infer any top level insights from the choices selected by users, all on the go with Apxor.

Move the needle with user inputs

Use contextual surveys to get qualitative user input or engage users further in the app. You can direct happy customers to give a rating or gather information from a dissatisfied customer to prevent uninstalls.

In App Surveys

Use one of the customisable templates to create the right in app survey that works best for your app and users. The rich UI library supports a range of survey designs as well as formats of data collection. You can even launch descriptive, exploratory or causal surveys to get inputs that you need. Utilise single or multi choice or get users to type in their feedback with a well designed in app survey.

NPS Style Surveys

Choose from a range of visualisations that help users convey their degree of satisfaction. NPS helps quantify user emotion to measure a feature’s FTUE, a transaction’s experience or a positive activity in the app to name a few. Let users give a rating on a scale by interacting with sliders, choosing emojis etc and understand them better.

We Let Our Numbers Speak
Datapoints tracked everyday
Uplift in conversions for users nudged
Users nudged every day
But you don't need to believe us. See for yourself.
“Would not have been possible without Apxor

For us, Apxor has become synonymous with discovering actionable insights quicker than ever. The ability to contextually nudge users on the fly gives us the flexibility to launch surveys, get answers from users and act on them, all in a day's work! That would not have been possible without Apxor, it truly is indispensable for data-driven companies

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