How Pickright Is Redefining Product Experience Using Apxor

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Pickright is a powerful fintech app that helps you grow and manage money across Mutual Funds, Equities, Gold, etc in a single click.  You can grow wealth by investing in Automated Personalized Diversified Portfolios.  


Pickright as a fintech marketplace platform is revolutionizing the advisory space for all financial instruments.

Archana Elapavuluri, Co-founder and CEO of Pickright says, “Pickright is not just a trading app, it is that platform which helps people become financially independent of loans. It is that platform which helps them create a secondary income by understanding about investments .”


Pickright is a fintech startup which wants to elevate the product experience for users. For this, Pickright wants to understand their user behavior. They need to determine what are their user journeys, what exactly the users are doing on their application, where are they dropping off, and the reasons for these drop offs.

“For us Apxor starts when a user signs up for Pickright. Using Apxor we know where a user is going, what are the drop offs, how to redefine the User experience. Apxor is our compass for continuous product awareness to make Pickright more viable and easy to use.”

Archana Elapavuri Pickright CEO

Archana Elapavuluri,
Co-founder and CEO


Understanding User Behavior on the App
To understand the how and why behind new user behavior, Pickright uses Apxor’s Onboarding Funnel Analysis. Pickright identifies the drop offs in the funnel to tap in to the right opportunity segments.

Pickright has been using Apxor to understand the behavior of users logging in via various channel partners. Using Apxor’s Product Intelligence, Pickright compares different cohorts of users and analyzes their event consumption patterns. Also comparing different behavioral and conversion analyses to identify the reasons behind users' behavior and actions.

The team has identified typical drop offs in the login methods and is improving the product experience to minimize the churn during onboarding.

Smart Usage of Smart Nudges
Pickright is an innovative company. And they have been using Apxor’s smart nudges in traditional as well as innovative ways.

Pickright uses Apxor’s Contextual Surveys to nudge users in their right happy moment to give Playstore ratings. Identifying the right happy moment of the user and then nudging them to give ratings on Playstore is a great technique to get the most positive ratings.

Pickright has also used in-app messages to nudge users to join their webinars. These messages are shown to users before the start of a webinar, to generate more awareness and improve attendance and engagement.

A surge in their webinar attendance was seen after the app users engaged with the in-app message.


“We envision Pickright to become that investment partner for everyone, and make them financially independent. For us Apxor is the heart of user behavior.  We are continuously improving our product using Apxor. "

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