How News Plus boosted their User Engagement by 2x

Engaging users the right way for content based apps

News Plus

The News Plus app brings personalised news for you based on your interests, reading habits and language preferences. It delivers stories that you care about while filtering out fake news.


As a content based app, News Plus experimented with improving article recommendations to get users to read more and stay engaged within the app.


It was identified that the users who discovered similar news articles using the 360° feature were spending more time on the app. Based on this, News Plus decided to make their 360° feature more discoverable.


News Plus launched a Behavioral Cue to nudge users to discovering the 360° feature. This was launched right when the user finished reading a news article from their feed, prompting the user to read more.


By nudging users to the 360° feature, News Plus achieved longer session lengths which translated to higher user engagement.

The team at Apxor is just as great as their platform

Apxor has become an indispensable tool for our product ever since we integrated it. We are always acting on the rich
insights that it delivers and achieving concrete results. The team at Apxor is just as great as their platform, they are
innovative, put the customer first and are quick to answer any queries.

Srini Koppolu - CEO, News Plus
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