How India’s No.1
News App Improved D1 Retention by 21%


With the Khabri app, you can listen to audio podcasts about the latest news. You can also listen to the radio, local language news and download the podcasts as well.


Khabri was facing a challenge with
retaining new users. Improving Day 1
retention was one of the biggest goals
for Khabri. Additionally, arriving at the
North Star metric was a long winded path.


Khabri used Apxor’s Behaviour Correlations
to identify their North Star metric.
It is the leading metric that drives their
success. The behaviour correlation
helped them identify the top 5 actions
that had a higher correlation with Day 1 retention.


Apxor’s passive nudges were used to
establish causations based on the
correlations. 5 different experiments
were run on controlled user groups to
establish causation. The relevant
product change was made on the
feature that lead to increased user retention.


By nudging users to follow a channel on Day 0, Khabri increased its
Day 1 retention by 21%.

“We loved Apxor’s insights.

The reason why we integrated Apxor was to improve new user retention. Apxor's solution to improve our feed ranking and thereby new user retention was bang on. We love their insights. Their customer success team ensured that we saw success quickly.
Pulkit Sharma
CEO, - Khabri

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