How GrabOn
reduced Day 0 churn by 9.7%

Finding the Uninstall Threshold and working with it

GrabOn helps its customers save big with coupons
and deals. With more than five hundred thousand
customers, its one of India’s most loved coupon apps.


Day 0 churn is a tricky problem to
solve. GrabOn was trying to find an
Opportunity Segment among their
new users who were uninstalling the app.


Using Apxor, GrabOn identified their
Uninstall Threshold and User Activation
Metrics like learnability and activation
time. The insight uncovered was that
83% of first time users who do not find a
coupon within the first 48 seconds in the
app are churned. This was the Uninstall
Threshold identified for first time users of the app.


Acting on the identified insight
required a product change. GrabOn
swiftly introduced their Coupon Finder
feature to get users to their desired
coupon well within the Uninstall Threshold.


The introduction of Coupon FInder was insight driven, leading to a decrease in their D0 Churn by 9.7%.

“We highly appreciate the critical insights Apxor provides”

We integrated Apxor in the early stage and they have consistently rolled out the right insights that helped us iterate our product quicker. We highly appreciate the critical insights they provide and have made them an integral part of our mobile strategy.
Ashok Reddy
CEO - GrabOn

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