How GlowRoad Increased New User Conversions By 10%

GlowRoad is India's fastest growing Social Commerce app with 60 million+ active resellers. It lets users resell products from 100+ categories in WhatsApp & Social Media at wholesale prices; offering an opportunity to start their own online business with zero investment.


The convesion of new users proved
to be of top priority to GlowRoad. By
utilising Apxor, they were looking for the
Opportunity Segment of new
users that could be nudged to conversion.


Apxor’s Customer Success team worked
with the GlowRoad team to derive insights
on how users were converting.  By using
Apxor’s Funnel Analysis and Behavior
Correlation Framework, they found that
the more the users checked their Internal
Notifications, the more likely they
were to share and make successful payments.


Using the insights from the analysis,
GlowRoad employed Apxor’s Behavioral
Cues to show a Contextual Coachmark
to new users to bring the Internal
Notifications Button to their notice.
Users immediately clicked the button
to find out enticing deals on trending products.


By improving the discovery of their Internal Notifications button
using Apxor Behavioral Cues’ Contextual Walkthroughs,
GlowRoad instantly upsurged its new user payments by 10%.

“A big thanks to the entire team of Apxor

GlowRoad saw an uplift of 10% in new users transactions with the help of contextual walkthrough service offered by Apxor.
We intend to double this number in the next 2 quarters through Analytics and walkthroughs.

Alimpan Barua
AVP - Product and Growth, GlowRoad

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