We at Apxor take the privacy and protection of our customer’s data incredibly seriously. Hence, we enforce strong security and privacy all through the organization and platform. We designed our platform with your security needs in mind to ensure utmost reliability so you can breathe easy.

Our platform is implemented within Amazon Web Services (AWS), a highly secure, fault-tolerant cloud that ensures strong security controls. AWS further provides compliance with the security standards SOC3 and ISO 27018. Instead of solely relying on Amazon for the security of our platform, we at Apxor make sure that we follow industry best practices for security. Also, we get our platform reviewed by experts from AWS periodically.

Apxor is built with security ingrained throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), with the necessary and periodic checks and balances to ensure that only code that has been properly reviewed, tested, and accepted is deployed into production.

We have a thorough security policy in place, which all of our employees must read, abide by, and acknowledge periodically. Our privacy policy is available for you to review. We also strictly believe in the principle that your data is yours alone, which means that we will never share it with any third parties.