Female users


The social media app, Glynk, observed a huge D0 churn predominantly among female users. Finding the cause for uninstalls and an opportunity segment to retain was a long and winding process.


Using Apxor’s Behaviour Correlations Framework, they found that new female users who install the app are bombarded with a lot of random friend requests in their first session. So all they do is decline these requests and eventually lose interest in the app.
The analysis report also helped them pin point the number of friend request declined correlates the highest with uninstalls.
Based on this, it was identified that a female user needs to be guided to privacy settings only when she rejects more than 5 friend requests and does not engage with the app (like or comment on any post) in 48 seconds.

Glynk Analysis


Glynk triggered a contextual walkthrough to help female users who decline 2 friend requests in their first session to discover their privacy settings where they can limit the number of friend requests they can recieve.

This made sure that new female users were only taken to the settings when they need it, making them feel safer and all the more interested in the app, now that it caters to their needs.


This contextual walkthrough improved Glynk’s female User Retention by 37%.

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