Measure Uninstalls

Bucketize by reason

Effortlessly bucketise your uninstalled users by the reason for their uninstallation. Understand not just the user’s last events before uninstall but cohesively inspect the users' behaviour, historical data and the app performance and UI during the last session of the user before he churned to get to the reason for uninstallation.

Analyse Uninstalls

Narrow down on
negative and vulnerable events

Delve deeper by learning which events correlate the highest with a user uninstalling the app. Take this further to find out the impact of the number of times a user does a certain event to uninstall rates. Narrow down on negative and vulnerable events and help out the users who are at risk.

GrabOn used their uninstall threshold to act on reducing churn


Decrease in D0 Churn

GrabOn identified that 83% of first time users who do not find a coupon within the first 48 seconds in the app are churned. They introduced their Coupon Finder feature to get users to their desired coupon faster.