How Riyaz Reduced Onboarding
Dropoffs by 67%

Contextual onboarding experiences to make new
users get activated

With the Riyaz app, anybody can learn to sing. Learn and practice singing with precise, live feedback that guides users optimally to overcome any mistakes.


Riyaz faced a challenge in successfully
navigating users through the onboarding
flow and getting them to activate in the app


Successful onboarding involved a user
signing up, choosing an interest and singing
along to a music lesson to get their score.
They were able to identify where the
users were dropping off and what are the
blocks to user activation to activate the
users before they reach the Uninstall Threshold.


Watch the contextual walkthrough
Riyaz created using Apxor to guide their
new users through the Onboarding process.


Riyaz reduced their Onboarding drop-offs by 67% and improved their activation by 2.3x.

“The extraordinary team behind Apxor is brisk and agile”

Apxor offered us the timely insights into the behaviour of Riyaz users. The extraordinary team behind it is brisk and agile, responding to all our needs. Our experience has been as if Apxor is a natural extension to our in-house team, can not ask for more! We definitely found our long-term analytics partner whom we can trust.
Gopala Krishna Koduri
CEO - Riyaaz

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