How Quick Ride Ran Experiments Quickly and Improved Feature Adoption by 8X

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Quick Ride

Quick Ride is India’s largest ride sharing app, with millions of downloads. Quick Ride offers a powerful platform to find real-time options for ridesharing, carpooling and bike pooling be it as a ride giver or a ride taker.


Quick Ride wanted to get more users to take more rides. The discovery of the Auto Confirm feature would boost the number of rides a user takes leading to an improvement in conversions.


Quick Ride identified three separate contexts in which they wished to highlight the Auto Confirm feature. The contexts spanned across the user’s journey in the app.


Quick Ride ran an experiment by launching a Contextual Walkthrough leading to this feature. Based on the results, they nailed down the right context for the message that lead to the most rides taken.


Due to quick experimentation, Quick Ride could understand which context was working best with their users. By implementing this on
a large scale, Quick Ride quickly saw an 8X boost in feature adoption.

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Vivek Kumar, Associate Director - Growth @ Quick Ride
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