How Glynk improved their female User
Retention by 37%

Offer aid to your users right when they are looking for help

Glynk is a social media app that lets you chat with
and meet new people who are passionate about the
same things that you are.


Glynk observed a huge Day 0 churn,
predominantly among the app’s female
users. Finding the cause for uninstalls and
an Opportunity Segment to retain was a challenge.


Using Apxor’s Behaviour Correlations
Framework, they identified the exact
female user behaviour that correlated
with high app uninstalls. The context
identified is when a female user rejects
more than 5 friend requests and does
not perform any critical app event
(like or comment on any post) in 48 seconds.


Glynk launched a contextual
walkthrough to help female users
from this identified Opportunity
Segment to discover the app’s privacy settings.


This contextual walkthrough that guides female users to privacy settings improved Glynk’s female User Retention by 37%.

“Actionable insights that are otherwise hard to dig out

Apxor consistently rolled out actionable insights that are otherwise hard to dig out. We were able to take swift actions based on correlations to pinpoint insights that particularly helped us in improving female user retention. Special mention to the support team who are among the best we have worked with!
Ramnath Shenoy
Founding partner, Head of Product and Growth, Glynk

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