Qualitative Analytics

Qualitative analysis so powerful, it is almost like

your user gives you a play by play.
Truly know what a user does

Capture every single tap or scroll along with the time it took for a user to explore each screen and use it to validate your hunches. It does not get more thorough than this.

Capture a wide range of issues

Don’t limit yourself to just understanding crashes and hangs. Understand the impacts of any app performance or usability issue on your user’s experience and app KPIs.

Missing data points no more

Be it with video recordings of user sessions or contextual descriptive surveys, always be in the loop when it comes to understanding what your user experiences in the app.

Individual User Analysis

Zoom into the usage of individual users in this rich qualitative
analysis. Step away from high level user journeys to get a holistic
perspective of performance metrics, user interactions and time
spent interspersed between events that the user did to truly
understand your user’s app experience.

Contextual Surveys

In the right context, get in situ inputs from your users. Be it with
exploratory surveys for user research or causal surveys to validate
your hypotheses or description surveys that let users elaborate their
inputs, launch them on the fly.

Screen Recording

Elevate your qualitative analysis by quickly capturing the user’s app screen during any of the user’s sessions in the app. In highly defined contexts, get to know what the users are doing or facing difficulty in achieving in the app and get the missing link to truly understanding your users.

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