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Collect only the data you need

Apxor collects smarter data without any overhead on your app. Automatically, the Apxor SDK collects user interactions, application performance, time spent along with the app events logged.

Understand Behavior Correlations

Correlate the impact of user behavior with app KPIs. Understand  which ones matter. Establish causation  without depending on engineering.  Get truly actionable insights.

Get Insights in a jiffy

Answer your product questions with Apxor’s smarter data and advanced insights templates. Learn why users drop off or uninstall and also get to know what makes them retain or convert.

How it works

Answer all product questions and make your smart nudges even more smarter. Get templatized actionable insights in just a few clicks.

Understand user
intent easily

Utilise Apxor’s contextual Exploratory Data
Analysis frameworks, powerful user cohorts
and rich qualitative user data  to truly
understand your users’ intent within your
app. Get to know the WHYs behind user actions or inactions and correlate them with your KPIs instantly.

Get insights on
user interactions to improve KPIs

Understand how users are spending
their time in the app or how they are
interacting with the app features and
get quick insights on what is working for
you. Track features and corresponding
paths that are working great in engaging your users. Understand their discoverability and usability, and their impact
on user engagement.

Make your in-app
nudges smarter

Back your in-app nudges with rich insights
from Apxor’s product intelligence. Get actionable
insights that let you know what is working for your users, what features you should promote and where in the app users are most
likely to drop off.

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