Get to know where users drop off and who they are. Track onboarding or conversion funnels and find the opportunity segment amongst users who dropped off. Split your funnel on the basis of multiple factors and pin point major drop offs.


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Easily, take a look at the various factors impacting the user in a single view. Compare users who drop off vs users who convert across multiple dimensions and get to know why the drop off occurred. Get to know what is working for your users and what isn’t.

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User Paths

Visualize user flows in the app like the paths that lead to uninstall, activation, feature discovery or drop offs. Observe paths of specific users and break them down by different factors. Get the ability to look at screen wise paths automatically without having to log them.

user paths


Create and share dashboards that help you track key metrics across different dimensions. Choose from the range of customizable widgets to add to your dashboards and get quick alerts on any deviations in your metrics.

custom dashboards


Quickly create and download reports that can be shared across different teams. Customize reports with distributions of various metrics across multiple dimensions in the format that best suits you.

custom reports

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