Solve Your Product Ambiguities

Clearly understand your users’ intent while on your app.
Use frameworks which help derive correlations and establish causations.
WHYs behind user (in)actions

Utilise Exploratory Data Analysis to answer your product questions like why are users dropping off or uninstalling the app and what makes them stay.

Learn what works for your users

Get to know the factors contributing to users having successful app experiences. Compare in app journeys of users and promote winning features accordingly.

Track and understand habits

Learn what user behaviours lead to repeat usage of your app’s features and track how strongly users across various phases in their user journey are forming a habit in the app.

Behavior Correlations

Quickly get to know the top user behaviours that lead to an
improvement in the app, be it Retention, Uninstalls or Conversion.
Correlate user behaviours to KPIs and get insightful reports instantly.
Identify your AHA moment or Uninstall Threshold and nudge your
users toward them, contextually.

Multivariate Analysis

Easily, take a look at the various factors impacting the user in a single
view. Compare users who drop off vs users who convert across
multiple dimensions and get to know why the drop off occurred. Get
to know what is working for your users and what isn’t.

Habits Framework

Get to know what are the features in your app that are becoming
habits for your users based on their user journey in the app. Take a
look at when they are interacting with these features and how much
they are consuming them. Based on this, promote the habit forming
features to your users.

We Let Our Numbers Speak
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