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Insights to Retain Users

Events do not reveal the complete story, get the power of Apxor.
Apxor automatically adds right context about the app usage to drive decisive insights.

Improve First Time
User Experience

Measure new user experience by monitoring learnability and FTUE metrics. Understand behaviours that arrest Day-0 uninstalls and wow your users right away.

Crack the tough questions
with QQC

Apxor's insight builder lets you formulate assumptions based on a qualitative analysis of your app's users. Quickly, proceed to validate these assumptions quantitatively and take informed decisions.

Boost your app's performance

Benchmark and continuously improve your app by tracking its performance, usability and stability. Access Apxor's powerful mAPM that makes sure your app is top notch at all times.

Get your
uninstalled users back

Probe into your users' individual journeys to answer the only question that matters - why did they uninstall your app? Retarget them with the right message and get them back into your app effectively.

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