Upsell and cross sell products contextually with
just a few clicks. Boost your revenue

Sell what users want

Track users’ buying patterns and sell what they want, when they want it. Contextually guide users to products they want to buy.

Create awareness

Create awareness about newly added products, which users might be missing out on. Spotlight them to guide user attention and usage.

Boost your ROI

Add more products to your suite. Boost ROI by gently guiding users to discover the products and use them.

How it works

Upselling and cross selling your products opens your opportunities of added revenues.  
Apxor allows you to contextually nudge your users for better products and add on services.

Upsell related products

Contextually upselling related products and
services is now possible in just a few clicks
using Apxor. Just select the product/service
you want to upsell, select the context in
which you want to upsell, and the style of your nudge from Apxor’s rich UI library and you are ready to go.

Cross sell new products

Nudge your users smartly to new
products based on their usage patterns.
Contextually hint other products to purchase. Increase your ROI by just adding smart nudges to your new products.

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