Measure Engagement

Understand what behaviours
your DAU are exhibiting

Get to know how much time your users spend engaging with your features. Dig deeper and understand in what ways they are engaging or what is preventing them from further engagement.

Analyse Engagement

Improve the feature

Clearly identify the habit loops that are working well for your users and optimise the required stages. Find out whether your features are front heavy or back heavy. Correlate with the requirements of your users and improve the feature adoption.
Look into the behaviour of users who drop off, understand the reasons behind it and act in real time to prevent it.

NewsPlus boosted time spent by users in the app by 2x.



NewsPlus identified that their 360 feature correlates with higher retention.
 Based on this insight, they nudged users who had not discovered this feature yet. This action correspondingly increased the time spent by these users in reading news stories by 2x.