The Emerging Role of
Data Science and NLP in Consumer Products

Apxor in Conversation with Sowmya Vajjala

19 -09-2020
4:30 pm


Sowmya Vajjala

NLP Researcher
Data Scientist

Sowmya Vajjala is a researcher in Digital Technologies at the National Research Council, Canada’s largest federal research and development organization. She has worked in the area of Natural Language Processing (NLP) over the past decade in various roles – as a software developer, researcher, educator, and a senior data scientist. Her research interests lie in multilingual computing and educational applications of NLP. She is also interested in learning more about the relevance of NLP beyond research both in industry practice as well as in other disciplines, through interdisciplinary research.

She recently co-authored a book: “Practical Natural Language Processing: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Real World NLP Systems”, published by O’Reilly Media (June, 2020). While the book aims to be a go to resource for industry practitioners, it is also being used as a textbook in applied NLP courses in  some Indian and US universities.

Apart from her research, Sowmya enjoys reading books and has co-founded a website ‘’ in 2009. is a platform for book lovers to write their opinions about books in various languages.


In the session, Sowmya will share her rich experiences in the field of Data Science and NLP , through research. She will also share expert guidance on how to use data science in shaping the consumer products.

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