Product strategies for building a successful consumer internet company.

Business, product and strategy expert Ankur Warikoo

talks about product strategy, product led growth and more.

Key Takeaways:

-> Understanding the right time to launch a product, what should your MVP achieve, and realizing if you need to pivot or not.

-> How should early stage companies scale up in growth.

->Importance of data in creating a successful product end to end, how various teams should visualize and utilize data.

->What are some of the best practices in user research.
6:00 PM
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Ankur Warikoo

Business, product and strategy expert

If you are in product circles and the name Ankur Warikoo doesn’t resonate with you, then you surely have to switch to the right circles. Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur, an angel investor, and a public speaker. With his rich experience from building many startups including the highly successful mobile first company ‘Nearbuy’, Ankur is the go to person to understand deeply about product and strategy.  He is also a mentor to first-time entrepreneurs and conducts digital courses on entrepreneurship, careers and personal growth.

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