Blitzscaling Consumer Apps with
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Apxor Think Tank’s First Ever Open Discussion

13 -06-2020
3 pm
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We are living in unsual times. While the world is talking about flattening the curve, the time has come when we need to discuss about lifting a different kind of curve. And the curve is growth curve of your product.

Apxor has helped many of India’s top brands run product experiments to scale their growth. During the pandemic, many product companies are either struggling to grow, or seeing unprecedented growth. Apxor feels the need to help such companies handle their growth curves well.

What’s in it for you?

In this first ever open discussion enabled by Apxor Think Tank, we will be discussing how Doubtnut  doubled its DAU in just 2 months. Doubtnut is India’s fastest growing doubt solving app in the Edtech space.

Vamshi Velagapuri - Product manager and Rohan Rajan - Head of Data Science from Doubtnut, will discuss what it takes to blitzscale an app. They will share their experiences in performing experiments, the pitfalls, the odds and the success stories.

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Vamshi Velagapuri

Product Manager - Doubtnut

Vamshi Velagapuri is one of those fortunate few whose passion meets their career. Vamshi is extremely passionate about human psychology and cognitive science, and his job requires him to understand core user problems.

Vamshi’s solutions have led products to see upto 300% growth in retention and investments from Sequoia. From the past two years Vamshi has helped Doubtnut scale tremendously in growth. Vamshi is adventurous by nature and loves experimenting continuously. He also likes to exchange ideas and share experiences.

Rohan Rajan

Head of Data Science - Doubtnut

Rohan Rajan is an alumni of IIT - Delhi, and IIM - Calcutta. He is a Senior Data Scientist with 12 years of experience under his belt.

Before beginning his journey with Doubtnut as Head of the Data Science department, Rohan has worked with Snapdeal for close to 5 years. He has been an integral part of Snapdeal’s exponential growth.

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