Intricacies of Building Apps for Bharat

Apxor in Conversation with Abhilash Inumella

08 -08-2020
3:00 pm


Abhilash Inumella

Serial Entrepreneur
Founder, Samosa Labs

Abhilash Inumella is a much regarded name in the product circles. He is a serial entreprenuer with a penchant for building apps for Bharat. He visualized a social app with User Generated Video content way before even TikTok was created. And this app, cheekily named Samosa, reached the hard to crack Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India. It saw impressive app adoption and retention rates, secured a $7M funding round from Sequoia and Xiaomi.

Abhilash’s varied experience, including working with companies like Facebook and Google, makes him the perfect product guru who is full of data-driven growth hacks.


In the session, Abhilash will share his experiences about building apps for Bharat. You can learn about growth hacks, best practices and data-driven approaches to understand the varying needs of the wide range of audiences in India.

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You can’t miss this session, if you are building apps for Indian audiences.

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