World’s first Digital Nudging Platform is also the most powerful growth tool

Why nudge?

Derive insights to understand what drives growth and retention - Growth Insights

to nudge?

Group users (based on Past behavior), and target them with personalised nudges to drive conversion
- Behavioural Segmentation

When to nudge?

Understand precisely when users need help (often complex usage patterns)  - User Intent

the nudge

It's not just about adding the first name to a message, dynamically adapt content to every user in real-time
- Individualisation

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Growth Insights

Ability to understand quick opportunity segments to improve product metrics such as conversions, feature adoption and retention. Establish correlations that lead to success and Identify secondary metrics

Example: If your KPI goal is to convert users within their 3rd day of launching the app, get to know what a user must do on D0, D1, D2, and D3 such that they convert by D3.

Behavioural Segmentation

Basic grouping of users based on, user attributes such as location, language preference, etc. will not give you the ability to solve complex use cases. What you need is the ability to group users based on their past behaviour

Example: Users from Delhi, who are in their second week and have explored 'product A' in their 2nd and 3rd sessions but have not made the purchase yet.

User Intent

Basic trigger conditions like, if the user did 'event A' then show the nudge will not meet the user intent requirement. You need the ability to Trigger a nudge based on complex usage patterns that precisely capture user intent.

Example: Nudge a first time user towards core functionality, who has spent significant time on app across multiple screens without engaging with any functionality (Typical FTU who is figuring out how to use app).


ndividualization is the real magic that separates great experience with normal experience. Get the ability to adapt the content in real-time for every individual user. Apxor takes it to the next level by providing ability to Evaluate custom scripts on the fly.

Example: Perform Arithmetic calculations on the clientif (wallet balance< payment amount) { format(“Hi{}, your wallet balance is low by Rs. {} ”,user name ,payment amount - wallet balance) } else { format(“Pay using your wallet and avail 5% cashback“)}

What does Apxor offer?

Actionable Insights

You don't need to be a
data scientist

Personalised Onboarding Tutorials

Reach user activation goals faster than ever

Contextual Feature Discovery

Make users notice, learn and use features as intended and drive funnel conversions

User Engagement

Best ways to retain and convert your
users.- Engage them at the right moment

Contextual Surveys

Insitu user inputs that you can
actually put to use