Measure Conversions

Be on top
of your conversion rates

With Apxor's advanced funnels, measure more than just your conversion rates. Get to know where your users dropped off, create user segments from them and break them down by their properties.


Answer the WHY
questions, effortlessly.

Compare users who convert against users who don't across multiples dimensions. Get to know what factors come into play while influencing a user's decision to move ahead.

Understand the impact of different factors across user behaviour, app performance metrics and usability patterns on users who drop off. This helps you identify the opportunity segment of customers who can be prevented from dropping off.

QuackQuack drove 150% more profile likes with a contextual walkthrough for feature discovery


Increase in conversion event

Quack Quack launched a campaign to boost the number of profile likes done by female users. With a contextual walkthrough, they nudged female users to discover the search feature. The users found the profiles they were interested in, increasing the number of profile likes done by them by 150%.