Quickly get to know the top user behaviours that lead to an improvement in the app, be it Retention, Uninstalls or Conversion. Correlate user behaviours to KPIs and get insightful reports instantly. Identify your AHA moment or Uninstall Threshold and nudge your users toward them, contextually.


Individual User Analysis

Zoom into the usage of individual users in this rich qualitative analysis. Step away from high level user journeys to get a holistic perspective of performance metrics, user interactions and time spent interspersed between events that the user did to truly understand your user’s app experience.

user analysis


Contextually, capture a screen grab of your user’s app experience in specific conditions. Take your individual user analysis to the next level in scenarios where you need more information, for example, during a drop off in the funnel.

Surveys and Feedback

In the right context, get in situ inputs from your users. Be it with exploratory surveys for user research or causal surveys to validate your hypotheses, launch them on the fly.

Surveys & Feedback

Retention Analysis

Understand the behaviours of retained users and measure retention by various factors along with what your user does in the app. Effortlessly track advanced retention metrics like return event retention, weekly, monthly retention or custom bracket retention for various behavioural cohorts.

Retention Analysis

User Habits

Get to know what are the features in your app that are becoming habits for your users based on their user journey in the app. Take a look at when they are interacting with these features and how much they are consuming them. Based on this, promote the habit forming features to your users.

User Habits

Behavioural Cohorts

Group users by their behaviours and analyze their KPIs. Quicky get insights by comparing multiple cohorts and analyze them further or act on them contextually.

behavioural cohorts

Uninstall Buckets

Group your uninstalled users by the stage in their user journey they uninstalled the app. Now, bucketize these users according to their reason for uninstallation spanning factors including app performance, usability, user behaviour and more.

uninstall buckets

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