Contextual Segmentation

Validate real-time user behavior based on what your user is currently doing or not doing in your app with contextual segmentation. For example, how much time are they spending on a certain screen? Is the user idle? What events are they currently doing? etc.

Use these live segments to nudge users on the fly without writing a single line of code.

Live Segmentation


Design customized walkthroughs that cascade across multiple screens in the app, on the fly. Use them for personalized onboarding experiences, building tutorials and improving feature adoption. Watch how this walkthrough bumped up Samosa app’s User Generated Content by 2x.


In app Messages

Select from an array of rich designs that elevate your in-app communication, in the right context. Nail down the context in which the message would have the highest impact and launch on the fly.

In app messages

Passive Nudges

Influence user behaviour in the app without grabbing user attention. With passive nudges announce new features or functionalities in a whole new way. Get the ability to nudge users passively toward any feature or element, in just a few clicks.

Passive Nudge


Grab user attention and share helpful information with tooltips. They are especially helpful in improving feature adoption and making onboarding more effective. Here is how NewsPlus doubled their user engagement with this tooltip.

News Plus


Coachmarks highlight specific sections of your app’s screen and are effective behavioural cues for your users. Use them in your walkthroughs to solve feature discovery problems and provide a seamless in app experience that guides users through the app.


Smart Alerts

Select and customize alerts on any crucial app metrics. Be alerted when a campaign goes awry and starts affecting your numbers unexpectedly. Be on top of how your new release is performing and much more with Smart Alerts.


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