We help product companies understand their users and personalize user experience.
We have built two powerful suites which  solve all product related problems, and help our customers build better products.

Our Story

Apxor's journey began in 2015, when highly ambitious and experienced engineers  decided to start a technology company to help the bubbling app industry. With its humble beginnings from a studio apartment, Apxor has grown into a strong team of highly talented individuals. Apxor has now become a popular brand within the Indian mobile app industry.

Over the past few years, Apxor has grown from strength to strength. We have partnered with many different mobile app companies, in various verticals and helped them grow.

Who we are

We are an enthusiastic bunch of innovators, coders, data scientists and marketers. We together thrive to bring success to each and every customer.

Our mission

We at Apxor have set our mission to become the medium of personalization between  products & users, and give the best experience both ways.

Our vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the way analytics can help in building the best products.

All in a day’s work at Apxor

A typical day at Apxor - Understanding the intricacies of databases and , while monitoring the cloud services and hitting a four in our in-house makeshift cricket pitch. Creating intelligent SDK which sends coarse-grained messages to the server, and pans to both Android and iOS operating systems, while discussing the latest movie releases. Sharing in depth analysis of their events with our clients and helping them to create campaigns. Monitoring our website and creating marketing material. Giving product demos to prospects. Ordering pizza for the team.

Join Our Team

Join our team. We are Developers, Marketers, Data Scientists and Business Developers. We are also movie and music enthusiasts, cricket worshippers, art lovers and bloggers.